Our Environmental Promise

How are the waste materials from your installation handled?

At Apollo we appreciate the importance of taking care of the environment and take the responsibility of disposing of waste materials very seriously.If you have ever wondered what happens to your old windows and doors after your installation, this article sets out to explain how we as a company care for the environment.

On completion of your installation, all waste is separated into four categories:-

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • UPVC
  • General Waste


The glass sealed units are sent to glass recycling plants where all contaminants are removed, after which the glass cullet (furnace- ready recycled glass) are used in the production of products such as windscreens, glass panes and bottles.


Any wood is shredded to particles of less than 75 mm and is used as a fuel by Power Generation Plants. The electricity produced at the plant is sold back to the National Grid for distribution and use throughout the country in homes and businesses.


Waste UPVC is sent to a plant where it is shredded to particles of less than 20 mm, with any contaminants then removed. At this point the material is melted into pellet form which is then used in the production of new window frames.

General Waste

Any residual waste is used in the production of power in Incineration plants, with these being both in the UK and Europe. General waste is a fast growing commodity fuel for these types of plants.




Record Window Blinds & Splashbacks Sales

Due to our ever soaring sales of UPVC windows, doors and conservatories, together with the rapidly rising sales of our window blinds and glass splashbacks divisions, Apollo recently increased its van fleet with the purchase of two new fitters’ vehicles.

Each of these has been sign written with our new livery, which includes our new Apollo Window and Conservatory Blinds and our new Apollo Glass Splashbacks logos, together with their respective websites and

This is just part of our ongoing investment in our quest to become Maidstone and Kent’s premier supplier of window blinds and glass splashbacks, as well as cementing our status as one of the most highly respected double glazing companies in Maidstone.


Windows come in all shapes, sizes and materials and aluminium is becoming increasingly specified for high end domestic construction. Very large glazed areas can be achieved with this material due to its immense strength. Colour versatility is also a major benefit.

Although Apollo has always met its customers’ needs by fulfilling orders for aluminium windows and doors, we will from March be extending this side of our operation with a new and extensive aluminium product range.

Full details will be published on our website soon.


As a company we take staff training very seriously. It is a vitally important element that helps Apollo guarantee its customers receive the best service and work standards possible, together with ensuring its staff carry out their duties safely.

Accordingly we congratulate Simon Creasey and Daniel Sands for last month successfully completing the following courses:-

  1. Manual Handling
  2. Asbestos Awareness
  3. Working at Heights

These are just three of the many courses and refresher days these Apollo fitters will attend during the course of the year, and serves to remind them of our ‘Always Striving for Excellence’ ethos.


Paul Sheppard, our accountant and book keeper, has diligently looked after the Company’s money for the last eight years, decided to hang up his calculator and retire from Apollo at the end of January 2014 to start the next chapter of his busy life. He intends using his retirement to travel and indulge in his various hobbies. Paul will, however, still be in regular contact because he is the brother of Mike and the uncle of Jon, who are the directors and owners of Apollo.

Glenn Cheesman has been recruited to replace Paul. Highly qualified, he brings with him a wealth of finance experience gained from the energy and builders merchants’ business spheres, and will no doubt become a valuable member of Team Apollo.

Apollo Window & Conservatory Blinds

If you are looking for new window blinds at affordable prices, then look no further! With a wide range of made-to-measure blinds available in a huge choice of fabrics and finishes, we have something to suit every home and budget.

Our range is designed around today’s home. From functional roller blinds to opulent roman blinds, our customers appreciate the finishing touches that make our blinds easy to use day in, day out as well as being stunning to look at.

Every single blind is made to measure, meaning that the fit of our blinds is second to none.

We are highly trained in helping you select your blind so that it is exactly right for every space. Whether you are looking to dress a large expanse such as a conservatory, or a non-standard opening such as a bay window or rooflight, our range can open up new possibilities that give you essential shading, privacy and ambience all in one easy step.

Visit our website to learn more about us and to begin discovering our extensive range of top quality window and conservatory blinds that are available at competitive prices.

Apollo Glass Splashbacks’ New Website –

September has seen the launch of our sister company Apollo Glass Splashbacks’ new website. Limited only by your imagination – click on the link for inspiring new ways to renovate your home

Apollo’s range of coloured, backpainted glass for kitchens and bathrooms offers a striking solution for walls, surfaces, borders and more.

Over the years we have carefully selected a range of applications, colours and product features which ultimately reflects our understanding and experience of modern trends. Combine this with the miraculous qualities of glass, the results achieved for your home can be really quite breath taking!

Achieve a truly bespoke room whether in a period property, modern family home or contemporary apartment. With 46 standard colour options, plus a bespoke colour and colour matching service, two standard finishes (block colour or sparkle), coupled with a range of thickness, edging and corner finishes – the possibilities, truly, are endless.

Rocketing UPVC Fascia, Soffit and Guttering Sales!

Although better known for our extensive range of double glazed windows, doors and conservatories, our building plastics division: ie UPVC fascias, soffits, cladding, architraves, plastic guttering etc is presently enjoying exceptionally buoyant sales.

Sales of fascia, guttering and related products have particularly rocketed in the last three years, ever since Apollo Trade Windows became Freefoam and Freeflow stockists.

There is no doubt that the Freefoam/Freeflow range offers what is regarded by many builders and others in the trade as the best product of its type on the market. For example, Freefoam’s black guttering, which is uniquely white on the inside, but black on the outside, is far less prone to the problems caused by widely fluctuating temperatures. Excessive expansion and contraction of the guttering is now a thing of the past. This white internal finish, which of course cannot be seen when the guttering is fixed in position, makes it much less affected by temperature swings and more stable than traditional black plastic guttering. With Freeflow gone are the days of the guttering pulling itself free from the gutter unions and running outlets, thus causing drips and leaks. Many builders frequently also comment on how much they like the glossy external finish, which gives the guttering an aesthetic edge over it competitors.

But best of all, if you buy your Freefoam soffits, fascias, cladding or guttering from Apollo Trade Windows, you’ll pay less! Compare our prices, which have not risen since 2010, and then without further ado phone 01622 744411 to place an order. You will not be disappointed!

Interesting Survey!

A recent Which magazine survey into the satisfaction levels of consumers who had recently purchased double glazing/replacement windows, proved what we already knew – that buying from a local company is the best bet!

It found that 83% of all respondents who purchased from a local double glazing company were pleased with their experience, whereas the number satisfied with their experience amongst those who had dealt with a national company plummeted, the lowest of these national companies scoring a satisfaction level of only 58%.

Apollo Trade Windows considers both these figures lamentably low and would not settle for anything less that 100% customer satisfaction! We can only suggest as our slogan states – Experience the difference: nobody does it better!

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