Our Environmental Promise

How are the waste materials from your installation handled?

At Apollo we appreciate the importance of taking care of the environment and take the responsibility of disposing of waste materials very seriously.If you have ever wondered what happens to your old windows and doors after your installation, this article sets out to explain how we as a company care for the environment.

On completion of your installation, all waste is separated into four categories:-

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • UPVC
  • General Waste


The glass sealed units are sent to glass recycling plants where all contaminants are removed, after which the glass cullet (furnace- ready recycled glass) are used in the production of products such as windscreens, glass panes and bottles.


Any wood is shredded to particles of less than 75 mm and is used as a fuel by Power Generation Plants. The electricity produced at the plant is sold back to the National Grid for distribution and use throughout the country in homes and businesses.


Waste UPVC is sent to a plant where it is shredded to particles of less than 20 mm, with any contaminants then removed. At this point the material is melted into pellet form which is then used in the production of new window frames.

General Waste

Any residual waste is used in the production of power in Incineration plants, with these being both in the UK and Europe. General waste is a fast growing commodity fuel for these types of plants.