Rocketing UPVC Fascia, Soffit and Guttering Sales!

Although better known for our extensive range of double glazed windows, doors and conservatories, our building plastics division: ie UPVC fascias, soffits, cladding, architraves, plastic guttering etc is presently enjoying exceptionally buoyant sales.

Sales of fascia, guttering and related products have particularly rocketed in the last three years, ever since Apollo Trade Windows became Freefoam and Freeflow stockists.

There is no doubt that the Freefoam/Freeflow range offers what is regarded by many builders and others in the trade as the best product of its type on the market. For example, Freefoam’s black guttering, which is uniquely white on the inside, but black on the outside, is far less prone to the problems caused by widely fluctuating temperatures. Excessive expansion and contraction of the guttering is now a thing of the past. This white internal finish, which of course cannot be seen when the guttering is fixed in position, makes it much less affected by temperature swings and more stable than traditional black plastic guttering. With Freeflow gone are the days of the guttering pulling itself free from the gutter unions and running outlets, thus causing drips and leaks. Many builders frequently also comment on how much they like the glossy external finish, which gives the guttering an aesthetic edge over it competitors.

But best of all, if you buy your Freefoam soffits, fascias, cladding or guttering from Apollo Trade Windows, you’ll pay less! Compare our prices, which have not risen since 2010, and then without further ado phone 01622 744411 to place an order. You will not be disappointed!